Scar massage helps to reduce pain or irritation

Is your scar hardened, thickened, discoloured or bonded? Does it bother you or has the scar become painful? The skin therapists of Derma2Care will help to reduce your pain or irritation by using a scar massage. With precise and special massage techniques they will make the scar thinner, more flexible and less visible.*


Scar treatment at Derma2Care

As there are various types of scars we specially customise the scar treatment to these. The scars we treat include: scars after burns, atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars.

Atrophic scar

The scar treatment is specially aimed on atrophic scars. It stimulates the blood circulation around the scar. A better circulation namely ensures that the scar is better fed. Therefore, the scar becomes firmer and the level difference between the scar and the unaffected skin is reduced. This scar treatment can also contribute to the reduction of pain.* For the best result we recommend to repeat this scar treatment several times.

Hypertrophic scar

Do you have a hypertrophic scar? Then it is important to start the scar therapy as soon as possible. At a later stage the slowing down of the development and possible growth of the scar becomes more difficult. With the scar treatment aimed on a hypertrophic scar the skin therapist uses a massage. The massage makes the scar flexible and improves the circulation.*

Burns & scar treatment

A recent scar after a burn is very vulnerable. Therefore, we carefully massage the scar during the scar treatment. Your circulation is stimulated by a special massage technique and adhesions are undone by massage. This will make the scar feel less tight and the skin will become more flexible. A flexible skin is more active and therefore less painful.*

Other treatment methods

Apart from scar massage, scars can be treated at Derma2Care with the Dermapen, peelings or the fractional ClearLift Pixel and Erbium:YAG laser. You can find more information on these treatments on the relevant pages.

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* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.