Electric epilation

Do you suffer from excessive blond, white/grey or ginger hair? Have you undesired or excessive hair treated by using electric epilation by our professional skin therapists!

The effects of electric epilation

When the hairs are blond, grew/white or ginger, they will be electrically epilated. In contrast to laser, with this treatment each hair is separately treated. A minuscule little needle is entered into the hair follicle to destroy this electronically.
After each treatment less hair re-appears and they become weaker and thinner. Finally, the hairs are removed long-term!*

Electric epilation

Suitable for electric epilation?

At Derma2care both electric epilation as laser epilation is possible to durable reduce undesired hair growth. Dark hairs will preferable be removed by using laser epilation with the Lightsheer Diode laser and light and/or thin hair are electrically epilated. This method can only be used for facial hairs.

How many treatments do you need?

After the first few treatments the result is already clearly visible. On average after 20 treatments the excessive or undesired hair is reduced.* The precise number of treatments is depending on the treated area, among things. Our skin therapist will of course provide you with customised advise!

Contact with Derma2Care

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Electric epilation from € 35,00


*The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.