Dermapen treatment: an effective way to achieve skin improvement

Treatment with the Dermapen is an effective way to achieve skin improvement, whereby the skin is renewed and embellished in depth, without damaging the upper skin layer.* Here we use the latest technique: the Dermapen.

Do you suffer from pigmentation, scars or fine lines/wrinkles? Then the Dermapen treatment is the perfect treatment for you! The treatment is suitable for almost any skin type and all ages.

The effect of the Dermapen

The Dermapen uses very small needles that slightly puncture the skin while vibrating. These minuscule little channels are not visible to the naked eye but ‘wound’ just enough to naturally activate the skin. Through this sensation we make use of the natural healing process that starts deep within the skin. Through the sensation in the fibrous tissue growth and healing factors are released that ensure the production of collagen and elastin (fibrous tissue).

How many Dermapen treatments do you need?

The more treatments you undergo, the faster you reach the desired result. We prefer to do the treatments as part of a course: 4 to 6 treatments with an interval of 2 months. To increase the effectiveness, the skin therapist can recommend to use a MTS roller at home in combination with high quality products that contain active ingredients.

During and after the Dermapen treatment

Prior to the treatment the skin is usually applied with anaesthetic cream, this ensures that you feel little to nothing of the Dermapen treatment. If a small area is treated or if the treatment is done superficial, the cream is not necessary prior to the treatment.

During the treatment the Dermapen are slowly moved across the skin. At the same time the pen pulsates the little needles controlled in the skin. Depending on the depth this is used, some point bleeding may occur.

After the Dermapen treatment the skin will be red and sensitive and sometimes a bit swollen. The first and second day the skin might be a bit redder than usual and can be still swollen. Plus, the skin might start scaling or peeling a few days after the treatment. Be very careful with the sun for 2 weeks after the microdermabrasion treatment. Daily apply your skin with anti-sun cream with a high protection factor of at least 30.

If requested, the skin therapist can camouflage the skin with Lyco gel after the treatment: so there is no evidence left that you have been treated. After the treatment you can immediately resume your daily activities!

Contact with Derma2Care

Would you like to make an appointment for a Dermapen treatment of a first intake? Please contact us. We like to contribute to a health skin!

Tariffs Dermapen treatment

Dermapen from € 75
Combination with chemical peeling extra € 40

Video Dermapen treatment Derma2care

*The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.