Professional camouflage therapy

Are you bothered by a scar, haemangioma or pigmentation? At Derma2Care we can correctly and naturally camouflage your complaints by using camouflage therapy, so these complaints are less visble.*


The effect of camouflage therapy

Camouflage therapy can be used to make all types of colour abnormalities in the skin less visible. This normally includes hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, vessels abnormalities, burns or acne. A treatment normally contains 1 or 2 appointments. During these appointments the skin therapists of Derma2Care measure the correct colour and you are taught how you can correctly apply the camouflage products yourself at home. The camouflage products are water and smudge resistant.

At Derma2care the skin therapists use Lycogel to camouflage the face. Lycogel contains a SPF 30 so you are well protected against the sun. Lycogel is also effective as anti-inflammatory and has a healing effect. Lycogel is like a piece of gauze on the skin and therefore the skin does not get blocked!

Both camouflage products can be used on almost any skin type, also immediately after all skin therapeutic treatments. It will make the skin calmer and it will recover quicker.

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Camouflage therapy € 45,00

Video camouflage therapy Derma2care

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.