Skin therapy to improve skin problems

The skin therapists at the various branches of Derma2Care are all specialised in skin therapy and offer a wide scale of skin therapeutically treatments. Our treatments are suitable for all types of skin and are customised to your requirements and needs. You can come to us for all your skin problems.

Skin problems that can be treated by us include acne, milia, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and excessive hair growth. Plus, benign skin lesions such as flat warts or old-age warts can be removed in just one treatment.

Professional Association and Quality Register Paramedics

The skin therapists at Derma2care are all registered with the Quality Register Paramedics and member of the Dutch Association for Skin Therapy (NVH), which looks after the interests of the skin therapists in the Netherlands.

acne treatment
electric epilation
camouflage therapy
scar massage