Rosacea laser treatment: direct result

A rosacea laser treatment for blotches removes effectively and safely blue and red hair vessels in the face and the décolleté or the legs. Our skin therapists are very expert in removing blotches and use the best equipment. After one treatment approximately 80% of the disturbing blood vessels are effectively removed. This makes a remarkable difference.*


Rosacea laser treatment

The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.  

Rosacea treatment by using a laser

With diffuse redness and superficial veins, the laser treatment of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment offers an effective and safe solution. Not just blotches, also rosacea, spider naevi, superficial leg veins, poikiloderma, angiomas and haemangioma are efficiently removed with these proven methods. In most cases we immediately reach the desired result.* Based on a screening we examine which treatment is best suitable for your skin. Because of the different vein treatments, your complaints are treated effectively and safely. The light of the laser of IPL is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessel. It clots the blood and it will be removed by the body. After 2 weeks the result can clearly been seen in the face and the redness will be reduced. With leg veins this process normally takes at least 6 weeks.

Laser treatment or IPL at Derma2Care

Derma2Care is specialised in laser treatments and is as practice for skin therapy and laser treatments, a member of the Dutch Association for Skin Therapy (NVH) and the Dutch professional Association DALA, which is committed to the quality of laser, light and energy treatments. To provide the best skin care we only use advanced treatment equipment and all our skin therapists stay up to date with the developments in the area of laser treatments.

Does a IPL or laser treatment hurt?

The laser treatment for blotches can be compared to similar treatments against redness and can be well tolerated. Immediately after treatment the skin can be red or thicker because of the heat and might feel irritated. This soon disappears but it is recommended to be careful with the sun the first 4 weeks after the laser treatment and to properly apply your skin with cream.

Compensation and contact

Often skin therapy can be compensated if you have an additional health insurance. This depends on the health insurer, indication and treatment. Please contact your insurer for more information. Would you like more information on the laser treatment of couperose/rosacea or skin therapy in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tariffs treatment blotches

Small area € 90,00
Average area € 175,00
Extra-large area € 225,00
Extra extensive area € 275,00

Video treatment couperose/rosacea Derma2care

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.