Removing leg veins by using a laser

Do you suffer from red or blue hair veins on your legs? Please visit the practise of Derma2Care for a vein treatment! Our professional and expert skin therapists treat leg veins with effective laser and Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.

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The effect of removing leg veins

At Derma2Care we treat leg veins by using heat without damaging the surrounding skin. The skin therapist can, depending on the complaints, both use laser as IPL treatments. Based on a screening we examine which treatment is best suitable for your skin.

Harmony XL Nd:YAG laser

The Nd:YAG laser is used to treat deeper hidden veins, such as leg veins or haemangioma. Because of its deep wavelengths and specific features this laser is able to heat deeper hidden blue red leg veins and to destroy these, without damaging the surrounding skin.*

Harmony XL IPL treatment

IPL can be used with superficial veins. As the IPL has a less specific effect compared to a laser, it is able to treat a large surface and to provide this with heat, so the burst superficial veins are destroyed. Therefore, IPL is very suitable for the treatment of more diffuse superficial veins.*

Because of the different vein treatments, your complaints are treated effectively and safely. The light of the laser of IPL is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessel. It clots the blood and it will be removed by the body.

Before, during and after the treatment

On the day of the treatment the skin cannot be tanned.

The vein treatment is well tolerated and is experienced by many people as a warm sensation. The treated skin is red directly after the laser or IPL treatment and can sometimes be swollen due to the heat. You skin can also feel burning or irritating. Therefore, be careful with the sun the first 4 weeks after the laser treatment and apply your skin daily with anti-sun cream with a protection factor of at least 30. If you prefer we can camouflage your skin with the Lyco gel product after the treatment.

Before and after pictures


The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person. 

Compensation and contact

Often skin therapy can be compensated if you have an additional health insurance. This depends on the health insurer, indication and treatment. Please contact your insurer for more information. Would you like more information on the laser treatment or skin therapy in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tariffs vein treatment with laser and/or IPL

Small area € 90
Average area € 175
Extensive area € 225
Extra extensive area € 275

Video removing leg veins Derma2care

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.