Remove permanent make-up by laser

The placing of permanent make-up (PMU) is similar to placing a tattoo, but the technique to remove permanent make-up is slightly different. The pigment is inserted superficial in the skin and the used pigments are often a mix of colours to get the correct colouring that matches the skin. Derma2Care is specialist in laser treatments that both removes tattoos and permanent make-up. We use advanced equipment to achieve a maximum result, without damaging your skin.*

Remove permanente make-up

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person. 

Treatment to remove permanent make-up

Derma2care can safely remove permanent make-up at the eye brows with an advanced Q-Switched laser. Normally 3 to 5 treatments with an interval of 8 weeks are sufficient to make the eye brows a lot lighter.* If desired, a new PMU can be placed over this afterwards. Therefore, we call it “cleaning of the canvas”, the PMU specialist can start from fresh again without worrying about the mistakes of the other therapist.

As a practice for skin therapy Derma2care is a member of the Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association (DALA): A Dutch professional association that is committed to the quality of laser, light and energy treatments.

Does the removal of PMU hurt?

The removal of PMU is not painless, but can be well tolerated without sedation. Some describe the feeling the same as placing the permanent make-up, others as if an elastic band is shot against the skin. Our treatments are performed at the highest level by only expert (High educated) skin therapists. So damage to your skin is excluded.

Tariffs removal PMU

Eye brows € 125

Contact with Derma2care

Do you have questions on your permanent make-up (PMU) or would you like free advice? You are more than welcome at one of our clinics for a free consult without obligations. Our skin therapist will gladly compose a customised treatment plan for you.

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.