Painless hair removal with the Soprano ICE Alexandrite laser

Derma2care is the first clinic in the Netherlands that offers the Soprano ICE Alexandrite laser for effective and almost painless epilation. As clinic for skin therapy and laser treatment we stand for high quality care. We think it is important to provide you with the best quality. Therefore, we offer you with the SHR, also called Super Hair Removal, a comfortable way that ensures that hairs are reduced permanently in a safe and almost painless way.*

Why the Soprano ICE laser?

Thee Soprano ICE laser was named the best epilation laser in 2015. This is not without reason. SHR is a leading procedure, specially designed to remove unwanted hair in a quick and more comfortable way. The Soprano ICE can be used for both light as dark skin types and can be used during all seasons.

Advantages Soprano ICE Alexandrite laser:

  • Most effective wavelength to epilate (scientifically proven)
  • Almost painless
  • Long-term result
  • Quick treatment time
  • No recovery time, you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment
  • Effective for all skin types, including tanned skin
  • Safe treatment all year around.
  • Fast treatment time

Clinically proven

SHR technology has been subject of many studies. In these studies, SHR is compared with other laser/IPL epilation technologies. SHR has proven to be very effective but with as little pain as possible for the client*.

Once you have been assisted by our epilation treatment, apart from annoyance, you will hardly suffer from stubbles, razor burn, ingrown hairs or inflammation on the hair root vessels. At a branch near you a professional skin therapist will treat unwanted hair growth with care and precision.

How does the painless epilation with the Soprano ICE laser work?

Painless laser epilation by using the Soprano removes hairs permanently. The hair follicle contains pigment that absorbs the laser light. Therefore, the hair follicle is damaged and the hair will die.

In contract to traditional laser/IPL epilation the hair follicles are gently heated by the SHR technique. During the treatment we move the laser handset across the skin, this will provide a nice warm feeling. As the laser head is continuously on the move, the treatment is often compared with a ‘hot stone massage’ by our clients. This makes this technique comfortable, safe and very effective.

After 6 to 8 treatment on average you have optimum hair reduction.* The precise number of treatments depends on the colour and thickness of the hairs, among things and the treatment area. Our skin therapist can tell you all about this!

Before and after pictures of painless laser epilation

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.  

Suitable for laser epilation?

Laser epilation is safe for all skin types and skin colours and can be used on each area of the body. The laser treatment is not suitable for blond, grey and ginger hairs. You can still come to Derma2Care with these hair colours, these hairs are removed by using an electric epilation.

Compensation and contact

Often skin therapy can be compensated if you have an additional health insurance. This depends on the health insurer, indication and treatment. Please check the current fees or contact your insurer for more information. Would you like to come to us for a laser hair removal treatment? Please contact us.

Tariffs laser hair removal

Upper lip € 75 Ears € 90
Chin € 90 Cheekbones € 90
Neck € 120 Forehead € 90
Cheeks € 120 Eyebrows (partial) € 60
Upper lip and chin € 140 Eyebrows (complete) € 75
Upper lip, chin and neck € 175 Whiskers € 100
Upper lip, chin and cheeks € 175 Entire face € 250
Upper body
Armpits € 100 Belly stripe € 75
Nipples € 75 Shoulders € 200
Forearms incl. Hands € 200 Back € 275
Arms € 275 Back and shoulders € 325
Hands and fingers € 90 Chest and abdomen (men) € 275
Lower body
Bikini € 150 Feet and toes € 90
Bikini – large area € 195 Entire legs € 500
Thighs € 300 Buttocks € 200
Lower legs € 275 Perineum € 100
Combination packages laser hair removal
Bikini + armpits worth € 250 for € 200
Bikini large + armpits worth € 295 for € 245
Lower legs + underarms worth € 375 for € 325
Thighs + armpits worth € 400 for € 350
Lower legs + bikini worth €425 for € 350
Lower legs + bikini large worth € 470 for € 395
Lower legs + bikini + armpit worth € 525 for € 450
Lower legs + bikini large + armpit worth € 570 for € 495
Thighs + bikini worth € 450 for € 375
Thighs + bikini + armpit worth € 550 for € 475
Entire legs + bikini worth € 650 for € 525
Entire legs + bikini + armpit
worth € 750 for € 575
Entire arms + armpit worth € 375 for € 325

Video laser hair removal

*The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.