Professional pigmentation laser treatment for a clean & smooth skin.

By using a laser treatment for pigmentation such as old-age spots, sunspots, café-au-lait pigmentation or disturbing freckles are removed effectively and safe for a smooth skin.*

Pigmentation laser treatment for you?

Dark coloured pigmentation spots can be removed from the face, the hands and the body, effectively and in only a few treatments.* We treat the excessive pigment by using heat without that the surrounding skin is bothered by this or damaged. The darker pigment of the pigmentation absorbs the light of the laser or IPL therefore the excessive pigment is heated and removed by the body. The result is already visible after 10 days.* Depending on your specific shape and area of the pigmentation the skin therapist recommends a customised laser treatment. Superficial, small pigment areas will for instance be treated with a different laser than the one recommended for larger areas.


The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person 

Does a pigment treatment hurt?

The pigment treatment can be well tolerated and is often experienced as a warm sensation. Planned activities can be tackled straight away. Immediately after the laser treatment the skin can feel irritated and be red. This disappears after a few hours. After the treatment you can have your treated skin camouflaged with the Lyco gel product. The first ten days after the pigment treatment scabs can occur and the pigment can become darker in colour. The result: a skin that looks calmer and smoother.*

Compensation and contact

Often skin therapy can be compensated if you have an additional health insurance. This depends on the health insurer, indication and treatment. Please contact your insurer for more information. Would you like more information on the pigment laser treatment or skin therapy in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tariffs pigment treatment with laser and/or IPL

Small area € 90
Average area € 175
Extensive area € 225
Extra extensive area € 275

Video pigment treatment Derma2care

* The treatment result depends on various factors and is different for each person.