Laser treatments to improve skin problems

The skin therapists at the different braches of Derma2Care are all specialised in skin therapy in general but particularly in laser treatments. We provide a wide offer of laser treatments to improve the skin.

Skin problems that we can treat with a laser include blotches, leg veins, redness, pigmentation, scars, winkles or (excessive) hair growth. Plus, we can professionally remove unwanted tattoos. The laser treatments at Derma2Care are effective and safe.

Professional Association for laser treatments

As a practice for skin therapy and laser treatment, Derma2care is member of the Dutch Association for Skin Therapy (NVH) and the Dutch esthetic Laser Association (DALA). This is the Dutch professional association that is committed to the quality of laser, light and energy treatments.

Laser treatments Derma2care

Laser hair removal
Laser treatment rosacea
Laser treatment leg veins
Laser treatment pigmentation
Laser treatment scars
Skin rejuvenation by using laser
Laser treatment tattoos